• What you will learn in this course
  • Different types of Conflict
  • The benefits of each one of the types
  • How to mediate a conflict situation
  • The difference between mediation and arbitration
  • The benefits of conflict management
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It is critically important to get your staff trained and certified in Conflict management and resolution.

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Conflict management helps to find a middle way, an alternative to any problem and successful implementation of the idea. Problems must be addressed at the right time to prevent conflict and its adverse effects at a later stage.

Conflict management goes a long way in strengthening the bond among the employees and half the problems automatically disappear. Individuals must feel motivated at work.

This course is a perfect solution with minimal disturbance yet maximum impact.

The course is quick to complete, packed with all the needed information with graded questionnaires and a certificate of completion as proof of training and compliance.

Course Curriculum


Conflict Resolution

In this module we cover some of the causes of conflict.


Mediation, Arbitration & Collaborating

In this module we will cover mediation and arbitration as well as the Conflict Management Style called Collaborating


Competing & Avoidance

In this module we will be looking at two of the Conflict Management styles called Competing and Avoidance


Accommodating & Compromising

In this module we will be looking at two of the Conflict Management styles called Accommodating and Compromising

Why Conflict Management & Resolution

The purpose of conflict management is to teach conflict resolution skills, such as managing conflict, self-awareness about the different types of conflict and produce effective communication while in conflict with a team member. These skills assist teams in establishing a positive outcome from conflict and overall, reducing conflict on a whole.

Prepare today and make sure your managers and supervisors know how to manage conflict effectively.

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This course is recommended for all managers, supervisors and all employees.

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"You have developed the only comprehensive online courses for HR, administration staff, and drivers. Due to Covid, e-learning is the best and only solution for companies as your employees can now do the course anytime and anywhere while staying safe.

Bernadette Botha


"This has been a great course. I will have to change how I manage the conflict especially with the different types discussed in this course."

Judy Wilkenson


"Conflict can delay projects and deadlines if not managed correctly. It is really important to understand the different types as each individual will respond to conflict management differently."

Elizabeth Erasmus


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