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You know as well as anybody a changing world means that professional development will need to be constantly pursued and prioritized.

Driving this is a surge of industry change, automation, and technological advancements. The modern workplace requires adaptable, critical thinkers who can communicate effectively and are aware of their value as well as their areas of development.

Agile learning methodologies that focus on speed, flexibility, and collaboration are the future of learning and development.

This approach will enable leaders to better manage skills gaps by ensuring people are rapidly upskilled or reskilled for the benefit of work and business performance. As the skills gap continues to widen, employers need to take the initiative in training employees.

Upskilling and Reskilling efforts can sustain and fuel company growth. Filling the company's skills gaps through the upskilling and reskilling of individuals or groups of employees could be the difference between thriving or barely surviving through any change.

Training is so expensive.
So how do you offer affordable training?

We may just have the solution you - imagine for as little as R100 per month per employee!

You can gain access to a constantly growing library of courses for all your employees.

This means that your employees will be able to continuously learn in various topics! The best part - the library constantly grows!

Need a course that is not available in our library? No problem - we will research and develop it fo you and add it to our library for all our subscribers.

If the course you need is company-specific, we can still research and develop it for you at a negotiated fee.

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Once the courses have been allocated, employees will be able to start their training anytime, anywhere.

What our clients are saying

"You have developed the only comprehensive online Aarto courses for HR, administration staff, and drivers. Due to COVID, e-learning is the best and only solution for companies as your employees can now do the course anytime and anywhere while staying safe.”

Bernadette Botha


"Very informative, easy to understand and follow, even through we have heard it all before, there is still new information to take in. Very happy I did this course especially working with people."

Evie Presteris


"Thanks! Completed all the modules and really enjoyed all the assessment questions."

Dumisani Kala


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