• What you will learn in this course
  • What is Cybersecurity
  • Different types of cybersecurity threats
  • How to identify a phishing email
  • Different types of Phishing
  • What is Social Engineering
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It is critically important to get your staff trained and certified in preventing a cybersecurity attack, especially with so many employees working remotely.

Is your Company ready?

In today's connected world, everyone needs to protect themselves online. You can spend millions on firewalls and secure access devices but people who use and operate the systems will still be your weakest link.

Users must understand and comply with basic data principles like choosing strong passwords, being wary of attachments in email, and backing up data.

This course is a perfect solution with minimal disturbance yet maximum impact.

The course is quick to complete, packed with all the needed information with graded questionnaires and a certificate of completion as proof of training and compliance.

Course Curriculum



In this module we cover an overview of what cybersecurity is and the different types of cybersecurity threats.


Ransomware & Malware

What is ransomware & Malware and how is it used. We look at the different types and examples of it.


Phishing & Whaling

Phishing and Whaling is the fastest growing type of cybersecurity attacks. We look at how to identify these threats.


Social Engineering

Social engineers use several techniques to fool users. We look at these in more detail.

Why CyberSecurity Awareness?

Chances are good that your current organisation is being attacked right now. If you have information worth stealing, it is likely that the attackers are on your internal network, exfiltrating data from your end-users, and controlling key administrative nodes. If you do not Upskill your employees, personally identifying information, bank account and credit card number and intellectual property will continue to be stolen.

Prepare today and make sure you have all your systems and policies in place.

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This course is recommended for all employees.

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"You have developed the only comprehensive online courses for HR, administration staff, and drivers. Due to Covid, e-learning is the best and only solution for companies as your employees can now do the course anytime and anywhere while staying safe.

Bernadette Botha


"This course has assisted me with understanding how to identify threats and protect myself from cyber attacks."

Judy Wilkenson


"As a manager ensuring the employees follow the Cybersecurity protocols is essential. This ensure unnecessary disruptions and loss of money to the workplace. "

Elizabeth Erasmus


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