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Developments in the South African legal landscape have created legal consequences as to how individuals and businesses conduct themselves online.

The increased use of social media platforms necessitates that certain behaviours are regulated to ensure that Constitutional rights are upheld , especially the right to privacy.

This is an exploration of the manner in which behaviour is regulated privately and in the work environment.

As part of this session we consider:

  • The value of social media as an industry;
  • navigating social media risks;
  • The applicable laws; and
  • brand damage.

Course Curriculum


The Conversation Prism

The Conversation Prism looks at Social Media as an industy.


The Attention Economy

This term is used to describe the social media industry. We also look at monetizing as a business model in this module.


The Role of the Digital Marketer & the Law as a Navigator.

Digital marketers and marketing teams are custodians of the brand within a business.


Acknowledging Primary Legal Risk

There might be legal liability from just posting on social media and then further liability from reposting and sharing.


Legal Developments

Legal developments present the issues that arise through social media and that the courts have considered.


You are the Brand

With all the legalities addressed in the previous modules, what do you think about your brand in terms of the Law.

Why Social Media & You

Social Media is a powerful tool and can be leveraged to build a brand, This course if both for employers and employees to ensure that internally, employees are empowered to successfully promote and represent the brand externally.

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This course is recommended for all users of social media platforms within business environments.

What our students are saying

"This course really assisted us in training all our employees and our marketing team within our company to understand all the legal consequences of not complying with the laws discussed in this course."



"I always enjoy Upskill Academy courses! The platform is easy to use and I love the training videos. You stay true to your slogan, uncomplicate complicated topics!"

Judy Wilkenson


"All companies in South Africa need have their employees do this course. Employees do not always understand these laws and the legal consequences for them as individuals on social media. Great course!"



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