K(nowledge) I(s) P(ower)

SAVVY = Having or showing perception, comprehension or shrewdness especially in practical matters.

Chapter One: Work

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Probably the most important course for a young person migrating into adulthood.

We learn almost everything we need to know from school or our parents, and yet, with something as important as the 7 Savvy Chapters for life, we are mostly left to figure it our on our own.

No one is born with these skills. By the time we are adults, we are expected to be able to manage these effectively; however few of us are taught how.

Many of us realize the importance only later in life, and wish we'd known earlier. For many then, there are limited changes they can make, to recover from the uninformed past choices or decisions.

The basic knowledge, understanding and certain skills of the 7 Savvy Chapters must be learned, the sooner the better, and it is never to late to start.

The seven savvy chapters are:

  • Work
  • Personal Finance
  • Marriage
  • Health
  • Insurance
  • Investments
  • Retirement

Course Curriculum



Starting your first job can be exciting and intimidating. That's why being prepared before your first day is so important! If you are already working, ensure you understand what many others don't.

    Modules In this Chapter:

  1. CV, Resumes and Interviews
  2. Acceptance Letter & Employment Contract
  3. Policies, Procedures & Work Behaviour
  4. Benefits and Human Resources
  5. Entrepreneurship

    Why KIP Savvy?

    The mind is an incredible tool, but like a muscle, it must be honed, shaped and sculpted, otherwise, it will wither away and hold you back. When you successfully train your mind it can be the greatest asset in propelling you forward in life.
    If you want anything in life, it's up to you. No outside force is strong enough to push you into what you want. You are responsible for securing it.

    Knowledge is Power. Be Shrewd! Become KIP Savvy!

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    Invest in yourself! It is the first step to becoming KIP Savvy!

    What our students are saying

    "Wow! This course was packed full of powerful information I did not know. I am now one step ahead of my friends. This course changed how I am going to make decisions in life."

    Senele Govender


    "This course is a must for everyone that have finished school. I did it at age 25 and learned so much! If I did it earlier I would have made different decisions."

    Pieter Pretorius


    "I didn't want to do the course at first when my parents enrolled but now I am glad I did. I just bought my first car and I was able to make a much better informed decisions and ended up with the car I needed! The information in this course is knowledge everyone should have."

    Aneza Myburgh


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