Demerit Point System

Individual Driver Training

  • Understanding AARTO
  • The consequences of non-compliance
  • The Demerit Point System
  • How to monitor your points
  • How points are allocated
  • How to complete the AARTO forms
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The AARTO Amendment Act and the demerit point system is looming on the horizon and poses a serious threat!

Are you ready?

The act, set to be implemented on 1 July 2021, with it's new demerit point system, will have a huge impact on companies if drivers and administration staff are not professionally trained.

This includes familiarising them with the act, when points are allocated and when drivers licenses are suspended, understand AARTO forms, how and where to monitor demerit points and the consequences of non-compliance.

This course is a perfect solution with minimal disturbance yet maximum impact.

The course is quick to complete, packed with all the needed information with graded questionnaires and a certificate of completion as proof of training and compliance.

Course Curriculum


Overview of AARTO

In this module we cover an overview of AARTO, when it was signed into law and the reason why it was implemented.


The Adjudication Process

If your administration staff do not understand the Adjudication process, when to redirect traffic infringements and the time between escalations it will cause you to be responsible for paying infringements you cannot redirect.


The Demerit Point System

In this module we cover when demerit points are allocated, how they are reduced and how you can monitor points.


AARTO Forms Explained

If an AARTO Representation for or Nomination form is not completed correctly it can delay your process and cause unnecessary delays for your administration staff.


Phased Implementation, AARTO Online & Mobile

Aarto will be implemented in a phased approach. We also look at the AARTO portal and mobile applications and how you can utilize them.


AARTO will penalise businesses and fleet operator who are guilty of traffic offences by imposing demerit points. Once the limit of points is exceeded, a driving license is suspended for three months and after three offices it will be cancelled. This will have a huge impact on companies that have fleets or employees that rely on their driving license to fulfill their duties. Your company vehicles will also not be covered in any insurance claims if your drivers have suspended licenses.

Prepare today and make sure you have all your systems and policies in place.

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This course is a great tool for companies with drivers. If your drivers understand the implications and consequences of non-compliance, it will be easier to implement your updated policies and procedures.

What our students are saying

"You have developed the only comprehensive online Aarto courses for HR, administration staff, and drivers. Due to Covid, e-learning is the best and only solution for companies as your employees can now do the course anytime and anywhere while staying safe.

Bernadette Botha


"This course has assisted me with implementing a system to manage the fines received and ensure I redirect them in time. Understanding the timeline and the forms that I need to complete makes my work easier"

Judy Wilkenson


"As a proxy of a commercial bank I receive hundreds of fines every month. This course has assisted me in ensuring that I understand the process and what our administration team has to do to keep our company safe from the risks."

Elizabeth Erasmus


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